Equipment Cleaning Services

Our specialised industrial equipment services provide your business with high quality wash water management at competitive prices.

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Equipment Cleaning Services

Cleanaway Equipment Services extend the life of your equipment

Cleanaway’s complete suite of industrial service equipment has numerous applications across different industries. Our industrial service equipment is fully automated, increasing cleaning productivity while reducing manual handling risks and labour costs. Our high quality and durable equipment provides a reliable cleaning service in demanding environments. Clean equipment lasts longer, and an effective parts washer system and cleaning routine in a busy workshop make every task more efficient and reduces maintenance and replacement costs.

Cleanaway’s Equipment Services get rid of dirt, oils, greases, and other unwanted materials that coat tools and equipment. These contaminants are then properly collected and stored until they are ready for disposal. Our industrial service equipment is an ideal addition to workshops, factories, manufacturing facilities, and dealerships.

Cleanaway Equipment Services have branches in most states and provide the following services:

  • Sale and/or lease of parts and equipment washers, which include:
    • Hot tanks (caustic baths with agitators)
    • Turbowashers (spray washers)
    • Sinks (solvent, aqueous)
    • Spray equipment cleaners (paint guns, etc.)
    • Spill kits
  • Servicing of the above equipment involves using refreshing chemicals, removing waste and sludge and ensuring that it is working correctly, available as a special service or may be included as part of a lease deal for the equipment.
  • Collection of waste rags and oil filters
  • Collection of solvents used in cleaning
  • Sales of cleaning solvents

Using our equipment provides benefits that include:

  • Extending the lifespan of equipment through regular cleaning and maintenance
  • Reducing costs compared to manual cleaning methods
  • Supply of specially formulated cleaning powder and removal of used wash water
  • Environmentally friendly solutions that are also compliant with all relevant state laws