Go plastic free this July

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Nude food is a simple and delicious Plastic Free July challenge. All you need to do is avoid plastic packaging for your food. This accomplishes 3 goals: helping families to eat and live well, reduce waste sent to landfill and save costs.

The nude food challenge is a great way to rethink the use of plastics. Once you’ve taken up this challenge, it’ll be hard to not see just how much plastic is used daily.

Here are some quick tips for success with nude food:

  • bananas, mandarins, apples and pears are all packaged by nature - no plastic required
  • use Tupperware to protect sandwiches from being squished
  • recycle glass jars for storing grains, nuts and other wholefoods
  • hard boiled eggs travel well for a high protein snack
  • get baking for delicious snacks like muffins, biscuits and mini-quiches