Go plastic free this July

Did you know that almost every piece of plastic ever made is still around? It can take hundreds of years to degrade, leaving a huge impact on our environment. That is why we’re inviting you to go plastic free this July – and help us make a sustainable future possible.

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Ways to go plastic free

Ban the bag

Bring your own bags in July so you can refuse single use plastic bags.

Nude food

Be a nude foodist this July by rejecting packaging and plastic wrappers for your food.

No single use plastic

Eliminating plastic all together is a big ask – start by refusing items you only use one.

Where it began

Plastic Free July began as an initiative of the Western Metropolitan Regional Council (WMRC) and was developed by the Earth Carers staff in 2011. It challenges participants to avoid using single use plastics wherever possible, and encourages users to change their habits. Reducing our use of plastics helps us move to a more sustainable future, and that is exactly the kind of initiative that Cleanaway supports whole-heartedly.


Show us how you’re taking the pledge with the #sustainablefuture and #plasticfreejuly hashtags!