Shutdown Services

Our team regularly undertakes managed shutdowns for cleaning and maintenance where time is money.


Cleanaway’s comprehensive management of major plant shutdowns draws on our full range of industrial services, including high-pressure water blasting, abrasive blasting and vacuum loading services.


We pride ourselves on using our own in-house experts and specialised equipment to deliver your program on time and on budget. Our specialist crews provide complete management from start to finish, ensuring fast turnaround and limited outage time.


After a detailed site analysis, Cleanaway will tailor a solution to fit the specifications of particular plants and processes. We develop customised cleaning procedures and use specialist equipment to ensure we reduce plant cleaning times and provide cost savings for our customers.


Utilising our range of specialist equipment, we provide innovative solutions to reduce plant shutdown time and positively impact overall plant profitability. For example, our specialist HYDRAshears can perform cold cutting of internal heat coils in hazardous environments for a faster, high quality result.