Cleanaway Lonsdale Transfer Station

Cleanaway Lonsdale Transfer Station

Address: 10 Donegal Road , Lonsdale, SA, 5160
Skip Sales: 1300 054 676 Customer Service: 13 13 39
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Closed: Good Friday, Easter Sunday, ANZAC Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, & New Year’s Day (subject to change)

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Cleanaway provides fully mobile waste vegetation shredding and mulching services to handle large volumes of green waste grinding.

Our range of wood waste and green garden waste treatment and management services are able to process:

  • Industrial timber waste
  • Construction and demolition timber waste
  • Vegetation / green garden waste
  • Wood waste
  • Pre-treatment sheering of large logs

Native vegetation clearing in most parts of South Australia is protected by the Native Vegetation Act 1991 and is subject to clearance control except where exempted by the provisions of the Native Vegetation Regulations 2017. We recommend checking with Department of Environment for approvals and compliance details.

Contact us for site inspections on how your green waste should be treated. We offer a “no obligation” waste assessment to advise on best practices that can eliminate potential problems and ensure a cost effective service.

Tub grinder for green waste grinding & mulching

Cleanaway’s tub grinder is South Australia’s largest fully mobile shredding machine and is capable of handling large volumes of green waste. Known for its output, reliability, and ease of maintenance, our equipment has the highest capacity in South Australia ensuring optimum service and efficiency to our customers.

Shredding equipment: TANA Shark Shredder 440DT

The TANA Shark Shredder 440DT is a large mobile shredding machine that accompanies our standard tub grinder hire service. Not only does it help keep up with large volumes of vegetation and wood waste grinding, the TANA Shredder also processes large numbers of mattresses and tyres. The Tana Shredder removes all the steel from the mattress and tyres which then goes to a recycling facility. The shredded product goes to landfill with minimum impact to the environment. It’s high mobility also allows it to access rural and remote areas.

The Tana Shredder can be used to shred products such as:

  • Tyre shredder
  • Mattresses disposal
  • Vegetation/garden waste
  • Construction and demolition timber waste
  • Industrial timber waste
  • General wood waste
  • Pallets

More About Lonsdale Mobile Shredding and Shredder Hire Services

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