Investor Relations

Dividend Information

Dividends play a big part in our share pricing structure. The chart below details our most recent dividend history.


Cleanaway operates a Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRP) for our investors. You can find detailed information about our dividend reinvestment plan in PDF format here.


CWY Ordinary Shares

Note that ASX code was changed to CWY from TPI on 1 February, 2016


Date PaidRecord DateDividend AmountFranking levelDRP Price
04/10/201818/09/20181.4 centsFully Franked$1.8405
06/04/201814/03/20181.1 centsFully Franked$1.4793
05/10/201714/09/20171.1 centsFully franked$1.3896
06/04/201716/03/20171.0 centsFully franked$1.2468
07/10/201621/09/2016 0.9 centsFully franked$1.1107
1/04/201610/03/160.8 centsFully franked79.43c
9/10/1518/09/150.8 centsFully franked67.53c
1/04/1527/02/150.7 centsFully frankedn/a
8/10/1429/08/141.5 centsFully frankedn/a
24/10/0825/09/0810.1 centsFully franked$5.533
17/04/0827/03/088.0 centsFully franked$9.090
26/10/0728/09/076.7 centsFully franked$11.110
4/05/0730/03/075.0 centsFully franked$11.974
27/10/0629/09/065.1 centsFully franked$8.084
4/05/0631/03/064.2 centsFully franked$8.693