Dardanup Landfill

Dardanup Landfill

Banksia Landfill in Dardanup, Bunbury, Western Australia

Cleanaway has withdrawn its application for a works approval to construct a containment cell for lithium tailings at its waste facility at Banksia Road, Dardanup.

The application was being considered by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. The Environmental Protection Authority had considered the application and determined further assessment by it was not required, and this decision was being reviewed by the Appeals Convener.

Cleanaway has withdrawn its application and the project is not proceeding. We will continue to seek other opportunities for further development activities within the designated waste management / processing zone of Dardanup Shire’s Local Planning Strategy.

Any future projects will be subject to fresh processes to obtain the necessary approvals and will include ongoing community consultation and input.

Cleanaway’s Community Reference Group (CRG) will continue to meet on a bi-monthly basis, whereby we will communicate ongoing operational updates and any future developments.

In the meantime, we will continue to develop the Dardanup Community facility at the landfill and maintain our commitment to our beautification program within the local community.