Trollies, thongs and shards – Unusual and dangerous litter

Cleanaway teams from around the country donated their time and effort to clean up their local environment as part of Clean Up Australia Day. This year, our clean up sites included St Kilda Beach, Pile Road, Port Adelaide, Blacktown, Eastern Creek and Camboon Road.


Blacktown and Eastern Creek


14 volunteers collected almost a dozen bags in a 90 minute clean up effort. Our team focused on the Chinese gardens area, and the play equipment and picnic areas at Nurragingy reserve in Doonside.



We found many littered cigarette butts, fast food packaging and small items of plastic such as balloons, confetti and gift ribbon, likely to be from parties in the park. Other items included a broken high heel, single thongs, and quite scarily, a knife, duct tape, rope and cable ties all in one location, which we reported to the local police.



Camboon Road


The team from our Malaga office cleaned up Camboon Road and the native bushland reserve nearby. We collected 25 bags of litter, including two shopping trollies and lots of broken glass!



What happens to litter picked up during Clean Up Australia?


At the end of each site clean up, the yellow and white bags are collected at designated meeting points. Volunteers then count the litter, and the site supervisor records the results in a Rubbish Report form.


Typically, the local council organises the collection of bags at the end of the event, and if the yellow bag looks to be good quality recycling, it is sent to the nearest Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) to be sorted and baled.


Learn more about how the MRF processes different types of recyclables, including those collected from your kerbside bin in this video:



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