Talking recycling at Toddlerjam

When it comes to making a sustainable future possible, you can’t start too early. Cleanaway Education Officer Helen Hyde was recently invited to a local Toddler Jam, a community program for children aged zero to four, to talk sustainability with the young recyclers.


Over two sessions with around 50 families, Helen talked about the importance of recycling, where recyclables go, and what happens to specific types of waste such as plastic bags, batteries, globes and mobile phones.


The families then had a go at some simple sorting activities (like putting recyclables into the right bin) and practiced ways to reduce waste at home. Helen was impressed by the creative ways some families turned waste into something new.


The children loved their mini-recycling bins and parents took the opportunity to ask questions after the session. Jenna Miller, coordinator for Toddler Jam, was delighted with the response to the sessions.


“As part of this term, we are learning about the different seasons and our theme was Going Green and looking after the planet… It seems to be a pressing issue at the moment after “War on Waste” and the necessary moves being made to take better care of the environment,” she said. “We were very privileged to have Helen come as a resource.”


As communities look for new ways to improve their sustainability efforts, Cleanaway is working to deliver more programmes and education resources, like school and kindergarten visits.


If you would like to conduct a sustainability workshop or have a recycling education session, contact us today. Together, we can make a sustainable future possible.