Soft plastics recycling is available in Queensland

Soft plastic, like packaging and product wrapping, is a material we use and need to dispose of everyday, but it causes a lot of confusion about whether or not it can be recycled.


Harvest, which is offered to customers in south east Queensland, Sydney and Melbourne, enables customers to mix recyclable products such as cardboard, paper, plastic shrink wrap and polystyrene in the bin itself. This option allows customers and companies to recycle materials easily and enables Cleanaway to recover more waste from landfill.


The soft plastic, cardboard and polystyrene collected through Harvest in Queensland, is sent to our Hemmant facility where the material is sorted and processed before being sold to plastic recyclers who will process the soft plastics.


Neil Perry, Cleanaway QLD General Manager, points out that, “The site is designed and laid out to improve the flow of product and materials from raw, pre-processed product through to finished, baled material ready for transport to the Port or domestic buyers and reprocessors.”


And it shows. Annually, our Hemmant facility alone recovers, sorts and processes approximately 600 tonnes of these soft plastics for recycling. Here’s what it looks like:



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