Cleanaway is revving up at the Moreton Bay Motor Show

As a leading service provider to the auto workshop sector, Cleanaway is proud to support the Moreton Bay Motor Show. Our mission is to make managing environmental compliance at your workshop as simple as a car oil change. Cleanaway offers a complete auto waste service, from waste oil recovery to parts washers supply and service, and handling all general and hazardous waste.


Cleanaway is the largest waste oil collector in the country – we collect used oil from thousands of clients in Australia and reprocess it for further use. Our nation-wide collection network, combined with our closed loop approach means we are less dependent on virgin oil, and less vulnerable to the fluctuations in oil prices. Collecting and recycling used oil helps offset Australia’s and New Zealand’s oil requirements by approximately 900,000 barrels annually.


In the long run, collecting waste oil and then recycling and re-refining it into “new” base oil leads to lower costs – it is estimated that re-refining used oil costs 30% less compared to refining crude oil for industry use.


Cleanaway will collect your used oil, which is classified as a hazardous waste, and re-refine and recycle it into a base oil that can be used as a fuel oil or lubricant that is as good as virgin motor oil. We can also schedule regular pick-ups for your oil waste, preventing possible spills from over-filled containers and ensuring your workshop is kept clean and safe.


Additionally, we can also help you maintain every day facilities such as triple interceptors, bunds and grease traps while taking care of your automotive waste needs. We are also a certified “trackable” waste transporter and have systems in place to electronically track your waste oil so you can easily report to your local authority as required. All this, so you can focus on the most important thing – your workshop.


Come and talk to us at the Moreton Bay Motor Show about your workshop needs, or hang out with us at the Cleanaway Main Stage. We look forward to seeing you there.


Contact us today to find out how we’re making a sustainable future possible.