How to increase your sustainability rates in FY2018

As we begin the new financial year, there is greater interest in how sustainability goals can be achieved and waste reduced. Plastic Free July is a fantastic opportunity to begin making sustainability a priority by reducing single use plastic, and improving recycling practices. Here are some ways you can improve your sustainability rates for the new financial year:


Book a waste assessment

Now that the dust has settled from the financial year-end, it’s a good time to see what goes into your rubbish bin. A waste assessment is an essential first step, as it helps you identify both the kind of waste your business generates and the ways you can reduce and divert your waste from landfill.


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Maximise your packaging recycling

Cleanaway’s packaging waste service is designed for businesses that create a lot of packaging waste. Place cardboard, paper, plastic film, pallet shrink and stretch wrap, and polystyrene in one bin, confident in the knowledge it will be separated and recycled at our bespoke facilities.


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Preventing contamination

One of the fastest ways we put our recycling efforts to waste is by bagging recyclables. Sealed bags of recyclables are considered contamination and can send entire trucks to landfill. Businesses and offices are some of the worst offenders for this as site residents dutifully recycle their bottles and containers but then the recyclables are bagged by facilities teams. Ensure your recyclables are not bagged when collected by your recycling service.


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Ditch underdesk waste bins

Here’s a radical idea that will get everyone talking about sustainability: remove the underdesk waste bins in your office.


Providing centralised waste and recycling bins is one of the simplest yet powerful ways you can improve recycling in your office, and it gets people up and away from their desks periodically throughout the day. Without the underdesk bin, people are less likely to simply “throw and forget.” Studies have shown that doing this heightens employee awareness regarding recycling and sustainability efforts, helping to improve your sustainability rates while reducing waste.


Educating employees, stakeholders and partners

Plastic Free July is a great way to initiate conversation and engage your employees, stakeholders and partners in your sustainability efforts. It’s not simply a matter of putting things in the right bins or to reduce waste; sustainability is about changing the way we think about waste.


Visit our Sustainable Future Hub for useful articles, infographics and animations on how you and your business can improve your recycling results.


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