Four simple uses for everyday items

Don’t throw out those bread tags! Everyday items can be used in so many productive ways.

Use Bread Tags to Find the End of Sticky Tape

If you’re constantly trying to find where sticky tape ends simply attach a bread tag to the end of the tape and not only will you always be able to find the end, peeling will become a breeze as well.

(Source: The Kitchn)

Use Old Coffee Pods for Herb Storage

Filling coffee pods with your favourite herbs and then freezing them will mean you always have the right amount of herbs on hand when cooking plus you won’t have to waste fresh herbs.

(Source: Happy Hooligans)

Use Plastic Bags for Wrapping When Moving

The ridiculous amount of plastic bags you have shoved in the cupboard can be used for something other than shopping. Scrunched up plastic bags provide excellent cushioning for fragile items when moving. You can save money and help the environment by using old bags instead of buying bubble wrap.

(Source: Viral Nova)

Fix Furniture Scratches with Old Coffee Grounds

Yes, this works. Combining coffee grounds, warm water and vinegar will help get scratches out of wooden furniture.

(Source: PopSugar)


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