Meet the finalists – Banksia Leadership in the Circular Economy Award 2017

Cleanaway is proud to be a sponsor of the Banksia Leadership in the Circular Economy Award. This award is an important way Banksia and Cleanaway are encouraging and rewarding innovative businesses that are enabling circular economies and closing the loop on recycling and resource recovery.


Here is a look at this year’s finalists.


Yarra Valley Water – Converting waste to energy
Yarra Valley Water has constructed a waste-to-energy facility next to the Aurora Sewage Treatment and Recycled Water Treatment Plants in Melbourne’s north. The plant is designed to divert 33,000 tonnes of waste per year from landfill, and power both treatment plants. Any surplus energy will be exported to the electricity grid, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and Yarra Valley Water’s reliance on traditional sources of electricity. The expected savings will also keep pressure off household water bills, helping to reduce cost-of-living pressures.


Revolution Apps Pty Ltd in partnership with Waverley, Randwick and Woollahra Councils NSW – Compost revolution
The Compost Revolution is Australia’s only online community engagement, education, e-commerce and logistics platform designed to scale household organics recovery across the country through at-home composting. This platform closes the loop on food waste while reducing pressure on landfill, reducing associated greenhouse gas emissions and disposal costs. Now partnering with almost 40 councils across the country, and with over 22,500 households onboard, the Compost Revolution has diverted 4,800 tonnes of food waste from landfill to date, saved over 9,120 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, and are diverting close to 40 tonnes every week.


Planet Ark Environmental Foundation – Make it Australian recycled
To close the paper recycling loop, leading environmental behaviour change organisation Planet Ark partnered with Australia’s only manufacturer of office paper, printing and packaging paper, Australian Paper. In October 2016, the partnership launched the most environmentally responsible paper product available, Planet Ark Paper. It was developed to tick every box – 100% recycled post-consumer waste paper, 100% Australian-made and owned, Carbon Neutral certified through the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified.


CHEP Australia – Profit and Planet through a Share and Reuse Business Model
CHEP’s supply chain solutions help customers address key sustainability issues by reducing demand on natural resources, managing deforestation risks associated with sourcing of wood for pallets and preventing the carbon emissions and solid waste associated with the production, use and disposal of single-use platform solutions. CHEP’s business model sees the convergence of the circular and sharing economies, helping customers become more sustainable.


Vinyl Council of Australia in partnership with Baxter Healthcare, Welvic Australia; Western Health; Aces Medical Waste; Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation – Recovering value from hospital plastic
The VCA’s recycling program is a partnership of several determined individuals and organisations striving to support recycling and sustainability in hospitals, and to recover high quality PVC for reprocessing and manufacture in Australia. Since starting as a visionary conversation in 2009 at Western Health in Melbourne, the program has been proven through trials, tested through upheavals in 2014-15, and emerged stronger and risen like a wave across 100 hospitals across Australia in 2016 – 17. It is continuing to grow.