Cleanaway’s Clean Up Wrap Up 2018

During Clean Up Australia week, over 587,962 volunteers across 7,253 locations donated their time and effort to help clean up our local environment. Cleanaway’s teams from around the country were part of the action.


St Kilda Beach


Our team from the St Kilda Road office caught the tram to St Kilda Beach to clean up along the foreshore. This location is a popular spot for big events, picnics, and visiting tourists. Incidentally, it was also part of the area that was littered terribly during last year’s Christmas Day celebrations.



On arrival, there didn’t appear to be a lot of obvious litter; however, once we started, we found plenty of rubbish hiding in the grass and sand.



The team filled three bags of rubbish and one bag of recyclables in an hour and a half. We picked up almost 600 cigarette butts (the most common litter item) and about 500 bottle caps. Straws, plastic cutlery and food wrappers were the other major litter items found.



Being so close to the beach, it’s likely that much of the litter along the foreshore would have ended up in the ocean had they had not been picked up.


Biodiversity Park, Port Adelaide Enfield


The Biodiversity Park in South Australia is one of the largest areas of open space left in the Adelaide metropolitan area. It is considered ecologically significant, supporting important flora and fauna, including substantial numbers of Painted and Bearded Dragons.



The Cleanaway crew partnered with Port Adelaide Enfield Council staff to remove 25 bags of litter from the site. Clean up began with a short speech by the local Councillor that included an acknowledgement of the traditional custodians of the land, followed by a safety brief to ensure an incident-free day.



Armed with sunscreen, gloves and tongs, our volunteers recovered plasterboard, shoes, vertical blinds, and even a small glass bottle. We also recovered many car parts, including exhaust systems, windscreen frames, bonnets and tyres. We collected a substantial amount of polystyrene and soft plastics, although some were degraded to the point that they could not be recovered in its entirety.


Pile Road Central Coast


For Business Clean Up Day, Cleanaway’s Central Coast team focused on the kerbside of Pile Road in Somersby, just outside our depot. In just over an hour, we collected 5 bags of general waste and half a bag of recycling.



We found lots of plastic film, cardboard, broken glass, dirty nappies, cigarette butts, and even a bicycle tyre rim. We also found a cement bulldog figurine that was too cute not to take a picture of.



Most of these items are recyclable or could have been disposed of properly in the general waste bin to prevent harm to the environment. Unfortunately, there was a fair amount of rubbish that our team could not get to by the end of the hour, which furthered our resolve to make every day, a Clean Up day.



Since the event started 28 years ago, Australians have donated more than 33 million volunteer hours, removing the equivalent of 350,000 ute loads of rubbish from over 178,000 sites across the country.


Visit our Clean Up Hub for more tips, tricks and resources on how you can make Clean Up a part of your everyday life.