Cleanaway’s industrial waste removal, with military precision

The Cleanaway Resource Recovery team proved why they are the go-to unit for extraction and safe disposal of mass volumes of liquid and hazardous waste, when the team spent seven days servicing two US navy Cruise Missile Destroyers. Docked in Fremantle, WA, the team worked round the clock as they unloaded 5,000,000 litres of liquid and solid waste from the two Missile Destroyers as well as Nuclear Aircraft Carrier. The team also actioned a last minute request to also remove an additional 840,000 litres of oily water from the destroyers’ ballast holds. A monumental task professionally executed in an extremely tight time frame.


The Cleanaway team – who were helped by other parties to carry out the task – were also challenged by the fact that the ships were docked offshore, meaning all the waste and liquid had to be transported by barge before it hit the tankers on the mainland.  It was another significant obstacle that had to be overcome, and was carried-out by some significant, inter-agency teamwork.


The operation required huge amounts of human and vehicular resources. More than twelve tankers and tanker trailers were used to transport the waste from Fremantle wharf, while special techniques and adaptors had to be developed to enable the oily ballast to be removed from the missile destroyers.


This successful operation in Western Australia has enabled a productive and fluid working relationship with the US Navy and Toll Logistics. As a result it has led to contracts for similar services in Darwin and Brisbane.