Cleanaway educating the next generation of recyclers

Cleanaway began its ‘kNOw waste education program’ with Bankstown students -from preschool to secondary school – not long after it began collecting Bankstown’s garden organics.


As the success and benefits of the ‘kNOw waste education program’ became apparent, it was quickly adopted by six other councils across the greater Sydney area.


Tailored to suit the age range of each audience, the ‘kNOw waste education program’ focuses on a range of waste management issues, from reducing littering to smart shopping and worm farming. Since its inception in 2005, the program has helped to educate well over 130,000 school-aged children on the benefits of taking a sustainable attitude to waste.


The program was then put to the test by Bankstown City Council. As the program matured, students were surveyed and tested. That data was collected and used to enhance the program and ensure that the content was clear and to the point. It was also a way to examine if students – of all ages – were retaining the information. With 90% of students answering their survey questions correctly, the approach proved beyond doubt it was helping Bankstown City Council achieve their resource recovery goals today while educating a sustainable community for tomorrow.


What began as a subsidiary service to the council’s waste management contract is now a thriving stand-alone program that actively and positively contributes to our sustainable future.