Cleanaway and Austral Bricks using alternative fuel sources

Landfill gas from Cleanaway’s Erskine Park landfill in Western Sydney is helping to power the production of 130 million bricks every year – enough to build around 145,000 Australian homes.


As waste within a landfill decomposes, chemical and microbial activity produces a gas which contains roughly 40-60 per cent methane. Methane is the main component of the natural gas used in homes. This methane gas is captured through a series of engineered wells, conditioned and then funneled through a 4.7km pipeline from the Erskine Park Landfill to the Horsley Park brickworks where it is used to fire the massive kilns that bake the bricks.


While using landfill gas – instead of just natural gas – has clear environmental benefits which includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions, for Austral Bricks, there are financial benefits as well. Having a reliable, alternative energy source provides a safeguard against rising energy costs.


Traditionally, landfill gas was managed by venting or flaring, now Cleanaway is providing a green solution and an alternative fuel source, while generating revenue. By taking the gas and reusing it proactively, we extend the life of the resource and add real value to the environment, community and economy.


The innovative partnership is a first for Cleanaway, and only the second of its kind in Australia. Up to 85 per cent of the gas used to fire the brick kilns is supplied by Cleanaway.


Today, more and more companies are realising the value of using landfill gas as an alternative fuel source. At Cleanaway, we see this as part of our ongoing commitment to environmental care and management of landfills and our commitment to making a sustainable future possible.