Oil Recycling

Oil Recycling

Through our hydrogenation plant we provide closed loop oil recycling, turning your used oil into a base oil for sale. We aim to recover and recycle the maximum amount of waste oil possible to reduce your impact on the environment.


Fuel oil, base oil and process oil

Each year, we collect used mineral oil from over 35,000 workshops and businesses around Australia and New Zealand and recycle the waste product to create high quality fuel oil and hydro-treated lubricant base oils.


Recycling waste oil means this valuable resource is saved from potentially harmful disposal and is instead reused in a safe and environmentally compliant way.


Cleanaway processes in excess of 150 million litres of used mineral oil every year, which helps to protect the environment and  offsets Australia’s and New Zealand’s requirements by approximately 900,000 barrels annually.


Fuel oils are used by a variety of companies for heating and power generation.


Base oils, on the other hand, are used by lubricant blenders to make lubricants. They are also used in petroleum chemicals to make a variety of specialised additives for industry.


Both fuel and base oils are sold in Australia and exported overseas.


Cleanaway’s hydrogenation facility in New South Wales, which is an Australian-first, produces API Group 1 base oils which exceed the American Petroleum Institute’s industry standard.


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