Paper & Cardboard Recycling

If your business creates a large volume of paper and cardboard waste, we can help you save money on your recycling costs. Using a dedicated bin for office paper, newspapers, magazines, phone books, envelopes, manila folders, cardboard boxes, carton and packaging opens up a range of recycling rebates that are not available on co-mingled bins.


Baled paper and cardboard is delivered to a recycling plant where it is shredded and mixed with water at high speed to create paper fibres. The pulp is passed through cleaning and screening equipment to remove plastic, dirt and staples and then heated to remove ink and glue and is treated with chemicals and heated to loosen the ink. The cleaned pulp is diluted with water and mixed with smaller amounts of paper making additives.


The paper is then turned into new paper and cardboard products. Recycled paper and cardboard can be used to make packaging, industrial paper, tissues, newspapers, insulations, kitty litter and moulded cartons for eggs and fruit.


Packaging Recycling

Part of our popular Harvest Recycling Program, this specialist option suits businesses that create a lot of packaging waste. Place cardboard, paper, plastic film, pallet shrink and stretch wrap, and polystyrene in the one bin, confident in the knowledge it will be separated and recycled at our bespoke facility. This recycling system is supported by the National Packaging Covenant – a government and industry initiative to reduce the negative environmental effects of packaging on our environment.